I highly recommend Jami as a personal trainer, motivator and coach. I came to Jami to help me strengthen my core and back after a back injury. With her education, knowledge and experience, she was able to develop specific exercises for me which definitely strengthened and toned. I knew it was working when my chiropractor commented that I appeared stronger and my back was developing muscles and strength. Even my arms are toning up! I look forward to our weekly workouts and enjoy Jami’s positive attitude.
— Linda Lingo, Financial Advisor


April 2016 update:  Linda strengthened her back and core muscles which enabled her to exercise, lose weight, play with her grandkids and shop for new clothes!

Beautiful Bride-to-Be!


*A requirement of my Bachelor's Degree was to participate in and report on a program related to my degree in Health & Fitness. When a participant in my Cardio Barre class asked me for help in losing weight and toning prior to her wedding, I asked her if she would be the topic of my Practicum Requirement and she agreed. We worked together for a few months, and I was so proud of her success and results. She was an absolutely beautiful bride! Below is her testimonial and photos taken over four months. - Jami

I contacted Jami when I was recently engaged and really wanted to get in shape and feel great for my wedding. Jami was so helpful in creating a balanced and easy to do fitness plan that would work with my life and schedule as well as incorporate some of the activities that I was already doing. Her nutritional advice was spot on, and her workouts are killer but so fun! Working with Jami I eventually lost 17 pounds over many months in a safe and healthy way. By my wedding I was in the best shape I have ever been in. I’ve been able to maintain my new healthy habits, I ran my first 1/2 marathon a month after the wedding and have more lined up. I really don’t think all of that would be possible without Jami’s constant support, encouragement, and knowledge. Jami really helps you envision what you want and give you the tools you need to make it happen!
— K.C.

                                  BEFORE                                       AFTER


Jami is without question a fabulous, extraordinary instructor and motivator! I have taken her Booty Barre and 20/20/20 classes and consider her to truly be a top notch instructor. She is consistently well-prepared, knowledgeable, mindful about safety and has an abundance of energy and passion. Her classes are challenging and fun and have lots of variety - I always feel like time flies! I love the results from taking her classes and have a greater sense of well-being and better health & fitness as a result.
Jami is a really hard worker and extremely disciplined and dedicated to her pursuits. In addition, she has excellent communication skills and the ability to encourage and motivate. She has a great sense of humor and possesses an abundance of empathy and compassion. These qualities, combined with superior talent and ability, make Jami outstanding in her field. She is par excellence!!
— Daureen C., Consultant

Jami is OUTSTANDING! My wife thought that Jami would be the ideal physical consultant, adviser and trainer to help me to achieve my goals. She was absolutely correct. I was put at ease immediately by Jami’s gracious, optimistic manner and her seemingly effortless method of convincing me that I can do anything to which I put my mind and apply myself with dedication, motivation and a strong work ethic toward achieving my goals She made me feel as if my advancement was her most important aspiration.
After one session, my confidence was already there and I have progressed that much farther toward the far off horizon of achieving my goals. After two sessions I am ready to make some major changes in my life and especially with my eating and exercising regimens. Thanks so much, Jami! Your energy flows magnificently and I am already looking forward to our next session with great anticipation!! :)
My main objective is to have equaled Jami’s superior level of energy in both my personal and professional lives. With Jami’s support and encouragement, I feel that these are worthwhile and achievable goals.
Jami is the ultimate personal trainer for encouragement and personalized instruction. She will push you with a smile and a joyful demeanor to the place you wish to be in fitness physically, mentally and emotionally. I am feeling it already....the sky is the limit.
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have the very best leader and facilitator for physical training: Jami Hanna!
Thanks so much, Jami Hanna!
— Steve Beck, Teacher


After losing 25 lbs. (He earned his Hawaiian Ice!)

After losing 25 lbs. (He earned his Hawaiian Ice!)


Dec. 2015 update - Weight loss: 33 lbs.!

I was looking for an afternoon class and stumbled into Jami’s Barre Class. Oh my God what a great find. She is upbeat, knowledgeable, spontaneous and fun. She is a treat. My posture is straighter and my butt has more strength and curve. It is a vigorous work out, and it pays off. She has that right touch of pushing you to try more, without pushing you to a place of injury or overload. Her years of talking and teaching are evident. Awesome.
— Susan Kay Presslar, MS FNP-C, Author

I ‘d like to take this opportunity to highly recommend Jami Hanna as a physical fitness consultant, nutritional adviser and personal trainer. The assets that Jami will bring to any training session include: a dedicated and reliable level of professionalism; a sound knowledge and understanding of physiology and nutrition; a very positive attitude and an understanding and accommodation of a person’s individual needs.

During the time that I worked with Jami, I had a rigorous work schedule and also had some physical limitations. Jami provided her knowledge in the areas of nutrition and exercise to lead me through the limitations that I had and gave me the ability to push past those limitations and achieve lasting results.

Throughout the sessions, Jami was extremely patient and provided lots of encouragement. She is genuinely concerned about the physical well-being of her clients and the achievement of long term health benefits. She makes a workout interesting and fun.

I would not hesitate to highly recommend Jami as a personal trainer as she would be a huge asset to anyone wishing to achieve maximum results in their individual body fitness program.
— Jan Maurer Watkins

After 10 + years of not being consistent with exercising, I lost my muscle tone and gained weight along with my self-motivation to exercise. So when Jami returned to Palo Cedro and I found out she was teaching, I was excited to take her classes again.
My main goal was to lose weight and tone. Within 7 months I reached my goals. In addition to reaching my weight-loss goals, I lost 7% in body fat down to 22.6%., a boost in energy, and increase in my flexibility. Jami’s classes helped me reach my goals by varying the type of exercises and to emphasize the importance of stretching and proper technique to prevent injury. She is very motivating, positive, and inspirational. I still attend the classes and I continue to see muscle tone improvement and loss of inches.
Jami is very educated in fitness and health. My daughter is graduating with her doctorate in Physical Therapy this summer. She attended Jami’s classes and was so impressed with Jami’s knowledge of the body and how it works. My daughter also stressed how Jami teaches the importance of proper technique which prevents injury. She is 29 years younger and she thought Jami’s classes were challenging and fun.
I would highly recommend Jami for your fitness needs. She is an awesome health and fitness instructor.
— Jeannette Petraitis

Congratulations to Jeannette Domingo Petraitis! She lost weight, decreased body fat, and improved flexibility after participating in Cardio Barre and Cardio Kick class!


I’m a 73 year old, hypertensive, Type II diabetic who has struggled with weight and fitness for years. I’ve known Jami for more that a decade but finally just started working with her about three months ago. We’re focusing on flexibility, balance and proper nutrition. The results have been amazing.

I’ve lost nearly 15 pounds. My flexibility and balance have improved dramatically, best thing ever for my golf game. Both my hospital based diabetic counselors and my endocrinologist are astounded with the first real progress I’ve made in forever. My A1c (90 day measurement of average blood glucose) has dropped from 7.1 to 6.5. I may live to be 100.

Jami is, without question, the best personal trainer I have ever worked with... and there’ve been quite a few. Her expert knowledge of the human body, kinesthetics and nutrition, coupled with her long history of teaching every facet of exercise physiology, make her the perfect match for someone who REALLY wants to make a positive difference in their life. Do yourself a favor. Get in touch with Jami right away or call/text me at 530-339-1065 and we’ll talk.
— John Corry, Retired
In three months, John lost 15 pounds, lowered his blood glucose levels, increased flexibility, improved balance and posture, and last but not least, John IMPROVED HIS GOLF GAME!!!  

In three months, John lost 15 pounds, lowered his blood glucose levels, increased flexibility, improved balance and posture, and last but not least, John IMPROVED HIS GOLF GAME!!!  

I was a couch potato! After taking this class for a few weeks, I can now do a downward dog...I’m ADDICTED to this class - I think it is the ballet - it brings me back to my childhood!
— Judy, Ashland Oregon

Judy is a perfect example of, "It's NEVER too late!". In this video, she explains why she loves participating in cardio barre class!!! I am SO proud of this woman - she had the courage to try something new, making it possible for her to enjoy the health benefits! Way to go Judy!!!

I think of it (cardio barre) as an “anti-gravity” class ... because it brings everything up ... like posture and muscles ... and it’s kind of a counter-balancing force to aging and posture.”
— Susan Preslar
...this is not an exercise class - this is an exercise EXPERIENCE!
— April, Ashland Oregon
...this class has taught me what I was doing wrong...I now have the strength to attend dance classes again and I’m paying more attention to my body mechanics...this ballet has really helped me to focus and strengthen my muscles...I am a senior — and balance is really important. This class is motivating me to dance and to be ALIVE!”
— Carole, Ashland Oregon

After my 60th birthday in 2008, I felt my body was in terrible condition and my cholesterol was too high. I gave myself an ultimatum to make some changes. I took all the junk food out of my home and started eating salads. To speed the process, I started working out with Jami twice a week. I lost 15 pounds and two dress sizes. In January of 2010 I caught my future husband’s eye and looked fabulous on my wedding day he following September.

After six years, I have gained back five pounds and stopped most of my exercising. With my husband’s blessing, I am back following a great exercise routine with Jami and feeling good about myself. With my determination and Jami’s great knowledge I will lose those five pounds. I’ve already shed ½ inch off my thighs and with Jami’s training skills, I will reach my stated goal. Jami has given me a challenge and I’m up to meeting it!
— Tina Nelson
Since taking Jami’s class I have better balance and I am much stronger after only two months! I love her encouraging words and enthusiastic spirit.
— Deborah DeLaunay, Ashland, OR