Gut health = knee health? YOU BET!

Lose the Wheat, Gain Your Knees;

A Story of Recovery Through Eating Right!


Today I want to share a success story. I need to start by saying that for years, to mentally and physically prepare my clients for their workouts, I used the figure of speech,

Eat your Wheaties!


Metaphorically speaking, I love this statement, but literally speaking -- given the problems with today’s wheat -- a better statement would be:

“Trust your gut!”

(Literally and metaphorically.)

One of my clients recently learned the importance of this adage when I referred her to certified nutritionist Dominic DiNino, who operates the Optimum Body Health program. After implementing changes to her diet based on DiNino’s suggestions, my client said:

It opened a whole new world in health…problems with wheat, processed foods, the importance of eating fresh and natural foods.

I was told that the reason for the decline in my knee function was related to my age and arthritis. My doctor recommended knee replacement surgery. After a few weeks on Dominic’s program, my knee is 85% better. Due to the improvements, I will not be pursuing knee replacement at this time.

Dominic’s analysis of my nutritional needs was spot-on.
— Female client, Age 62

DiNino, also a Holistic Health Practitioner, teaches people how eating right can positively affect overall health. He defines a clear and individualized path of health, balance and well-being unique to each of his clients’ needs.

Recently when I taught a Healthy Living presentation, I commented to the group, “Health starts in the gut!” A Naturopathic Doctor in attendance added, “…and death starts in the gut.”

That statement got my attention.

It makes me want to be even more careful about what I eat! Most everyone knows we should eat more healthy. But could you have ever imagined that it may be possible to avoid a knee replacement surgery by eating right? It begs the question: what other benefits could we personally experience by making a few simple changes?

I’ll have to break my old habit of saying, “Eat your Wheaties!” to prepare clients for a workout and use one of my other standbys (although the others aren't quite as fun to say!). But I will continue to stress the importance of what we put into our gut, and of course to always,

Trust your gut!”

Your life depends on it.



In an effort to improve his health, Dominic DiNino became very interested in nutrition and natural healing. His desire to help not only himself, but also others, led him to become a Certified Nutritional Consultant in 2011. He enjoys educating people on the many benefits of taking control of their health. He can be contacted at